5 Reasons I’d Like to Be My Dog for a Day

If you’re a dog owner, I bet you’ve had the same thought cross your mind: How great would it be to be my pooch for a day or so?

Viral Video: Penguins Join March for Science

As thousands of people joined in the March for Science, endangered African penguins marched through the Monterey Bay Aquarium while onlookers held signs supporting them.

Cat Interrupts Mayor’s Live Interview

A brazen cat didn’t seem to care that his owner, the mayor of Latvia’s capital, was in the middle of a live interview when he decided to hop up on his desk.

Avalanche Rescue Dog Slides Down Snowy Mountain for Fun

Truckee works hard for the Avalanche Rescue Dog Program at Lake Tahoe’s Heavenly Mountain. But, he plays hard, too. Watch a video of his leisurely mountain slide.

Dog Wins Hearts After Face Planting During Crufts Agility Run

The biggest moment to come out of the U.K.’s Crufts dog show may have been a video of the hilarious agility run by a rescued Jack Russell Terrier named Olly.

Must-See Reality TV: "Keeping Up With the Kattarshians"

'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' may be fascinating reality TV, but it’s nothing compared to its adorable and even cattier spinoff, 'Keeping Up With the Kattarshians.'

Women Vie for Dog Bachelor’s Heart in Funny Animal Shelter Video

In a funny video from Santa Fe Animal Shelter, contestants battle for the red rose from an adoptable dog named Stuart. Watch it here.

Law Enforcement K9 Kisses Partner During Official Portrait Session

The Internet has fallen for Kenobi, the chocolate Labrador Retriever who showed lots of puppy love for his partner, Indiana Conservation Officer Levi Knach.

Golden Retriever Delivers Newspapers to Neighbors Every Morning

Every morning, Quincy the Golden Retriever delivers newspapers to the front step of his neighbors' homes. Watch the video to see the dog working his paper route.

Funny Video: Dog Howls as Girl Practices Flute

In a funny video, a Golden Retriever trying to take a nap can be heard howling plaintively as a girl plays the nursery rhyme 'Frère Jacques' on her flute.

Photo of "Police Pug" Wins Hearts on Internet

The Rochester, New Hampshire, Police Department shared an adorable photo of Hercules the 'Police Pug,' which quickly went viral. See the cute picture here.

Villagers Knit Giant Sweaters for Cold Elephants

With extremely cold weather hitting their home in northern India, the 20 elephants at Wildlife SOS are keeping warm with jackets knit by animal lovers.

Cute Video: Shelter Staff Teaches Dog to Smile for Potential Adopters

A shelter staff member at Front Street Animal Shelter teaches an adoptable dog named Riley to smile for potential adopters in a cute video. Watch it here.

Bo Obama's Cutest Moments as First Dog

Over the course of eight years, Bo Obama, the first family’s first Portuguese Water Dog, has stolen hearts across America. Watch ELLE's adorable tribute video.

6 Signs Your Dog Has You Trained

Ever get the feeling that it's you, and not your dog, who has been so well-trained? Here's how to determine who really carries the leash in your relationship.

Animal Shelter Uses Unique and Hilarious Tactic to Push Cat Adoption

In a funny new YouTube video called "Kitty Kommercial," Atlanta’s Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters hocks adoptable cats like used cars. Watch it here.

Pets on the Naughty List: Our Favorite Stories of Holiday Mishaps

What would the holidays be without stolen treats and crazy pets? We share some of our favorite stories of beloved animals causing Christmas chaos.

Reader Confessions: The Worst Holiday "Gift" My Pet Ever Gave Me

We asked our readers: 'What’s the worst holiday 'gift' your pet has ever given you?' and here's how they responded. Yes, there's one about a cat and a Christmas tree.

Giant Panda Happily Rolls in the Snow

Da Mao ecstatically welcomed the year’s first big snowfall at the Toronto Zoo. Security cameras caught the panda somersaulting off his play structure and down a hill.

Beaver Goes Shopping for Christmas Tree at Dollar Store

A wayward beaver arrived at a Maryland dollar store and headed right for the store’s holiday decorations, where it was photographed checking out the Christmas trees.

10 Tips to Help Teach Your Parrot to Talk

Want a talking parrot? Our exotic animal veterinarian says that with patience and lots of treats, you may be able to train your parrot to talk.

Cutest Baby Goat Videos

We could watch cute baby goat videos all day, so we rounded up some of the best ones. You'll see baby goats jumping, playing, dancing and wearing sweaters.

Want a Backyard Goat? 10 Things to Consider

Whether you want a standard-sized Nubian or miniature Nigerian dwarf goat, these animals are fun, but require lots of thought and care to be kept properly.

8 Things We Bet You Didn't Know About Koi

Did you know that koi are not goldfish? They are more closely related to the carp. Learn some fun facts about these fish and what it takes to care for them.

Think You Know Ferrets? Take Our Quiz

Thinking about getting a ferret? Take our eight-question quiz to see if a ferret might be a good choice. Plus, learn some fun ferret facts we bet you didn't know.

Common Health Hazards and Toxins for Small Mammals

Dr. Laurie Hess discusses common household items that can be dangerous for small mammals like hedgehogs, rabbits, hamsters and chinchillas. Learn more here.

Most Common Obese Exotic Pets: No. 5 Turtles

Did you know that turtles can become obese? Our exotics veterinarian explains why letting this reptile pack on the pounds can lead to serious health issues.

Most Common Obese Exotic Pets: No. 4 Rats

Did you know that rats can become obese? Our exotics veterinarian explains why letting this rodent pack on the pounds can lead to serious health issues.

Most Common Obese Exotic Pets: No. 3 Rabbits

Did you know that rabbits can become obese? Our exotics veterinarian explains why letting a bunny pack on the pounds can lead to serious health issues.

Most Common Obese Exotic Pets: No. 2 Hedgehogs

Did you know that hedgehogs can become obese? Our exotics veterinarian discusses the health risks of letting this pet become overweight — and how to prevent it.

Most Common Obese Exotic Pets: No. 1 Parrots

Did you know that parrots are prone to obesity? Our exotics veterinarian discusses the health risks of letting your bird get overweight — and how to prevent it.

10 Everyday Items That Are Toxic to Birds

Our exotics veterinarian shares the foods and household products that can be poisonous for birds. See which items make the list here.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Cockatiels

Looking for a pet bird? A cockatiel can be a phenomenal pet. Here's what you need to know about the bird's life span, ability to do tricks and more.

The Animal Kingdom's Hardest Working Dads

This Father's Day, we're celebrating the animal dads who care for, protect and even (in the case of the seahorse) give birth to their offspring!

Why Does My Rabbit… Not Eat Hay?

Our exotic pet veterinarian explains why some rabbits won't eat hay, why it is good for them and what you can do to encourage your rabbit to eat it.

Why Does My Rabbit… Eat His Poop?

An exotic pet veterinarian explains what is really going on when rabbits eat their own poop.

Why Does My Bird... Like to Hide Under the Paper in Her Cage?

Veterinarian Dr. Laurie Hess explains why some birds like to hide under the cage paper and explains when you should be concerned about the behavior.

Why Does My Bird… Not Eat Pellets?

Exotics veterinarian Dr. Laurie Hess explains why pellets are an important part of your bird's diet and shares strategies for encouraging your bird to eat them.

Video: Watch This Before Getting a Pet Rabbit

Dr. Laurie Hess shares important things you need to know about caring for pet rabbits and explains why you should never buy an Easter bunny on a whim.

Video: Want a Pet Snake? Here's What You Need to Know

If you want a pet snake, here's what Dr. Laurie Hess says you should know before you get one. And yes, you will need to feed them rodents.

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